We accept all kinds of animals with the exception of ill or aggressive pets and/or those that do not get along with other animals, or children.


You provide us with food for the duration of your pets boarding dates, and any personal items that will make your pet most comfortable in our home.


We ask that all new clients email us with detailed information that will help us better understand the habits, needs and behaviors of their pets.


We require your full name, address, and phone number as well as an emergency contact person and their phone number while you are away.


All standard vaccines must be up to date and all our guests boarding in the warmer weather months must be on a flea medication.  Kennel cough is not required at this time.


We understand how important your family member is to you, therefore we are very flexible with pick up and drop off times.  For most boarding (there are a few exceptions), if a pet is dropped off after 6 p.m. there is no rate applied for that day, and if your pet is picked up prior to 12 noon there is no rate applied for that day. 

Client Information